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Adam Woodcraft's Home Page

Contact details

Picture of Adam Woodcraft Email: (change the (at) to "@" below)
adam (at) lowtemp.org
Adam.Woodcraft (at) physics.org

Feel free to use both above addresses to increase your chances of mail getting through spam-traps etc. To be really sure of making contact, phone me or send a voicemail (I can retrieve voicemails from anywhere I can read email)
0870 765 1873 (+44 870 765 1873)
0870 765 7873 (+44 870 765 7873)
0870 879 7873 (+44 870 879 7873)

Use the numbers in brackets when phoning from outside the United Kingdom
Postal address:
Thomas Keating Ltd
Station Mills
Daux Road
West Sussex
RH14 9SH
United Kingdom

I now work at QMC Instruments, which is based in the Astronomy Instrumentation Group at Cardiff University, though I am currently on secondment to the sister company TK Instruments in West Sussex. There I'm working among other things on the construction of calibrators for the ALMA submillimetre telescope array.


A note on why I don't think the concept of static thermal conductance - popular in bolometer analysis - is very useful.

Due to popular request, here is my LTD13 paper on a low temperature thermal conductivity database.

A thermal conductivity calculator for pure copper is now available here.

Other information

Some recent talks:

SPIRE - the state-of-the-art in semiconductor bolometers for astronomy
Invited keynote talk at the 34th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves, Busan, Korea, 21st September 2009

From the birth of stars to measuring the neutrino mass: Applied condensed matter physics in space, on mountains, and under them
Seminar at Birmingham University, April 2009

Characterizing the SCUBA-2 superconducting bolometer arrays
Invited talk given at the SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation meeting, Marseille, June 2008

A list of other talks is here.

Some recent papers:

Thermal design and performance of the SCUBA-2 instrument 1-K and mK systems
Accepted by Cryogenics and available on-line.

Detectors for sub-millimetre continuum astronomy.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A., 604 (1-2):30-33, 2009.

Thermal conductivity measurements of pitch-bonded graphites at millikelvin temperatures: finding a replacement for AGOT graphite.
Cryogenics, 49(5):159-164, 2009.

For other papers, see my publication list.

Other things:

Thermal conductivity calculators, for aluminium and copper.
These calculators can provide a table of thermal conductivity values between 1 and 300 K for pure copper and aluminium of arbitrary purity, and for their alloys. The purity can be specified by a conductivity value at 4 K, a residual resistivity or RRR value, or (for aluminium alloys) by the alloy type.

Part of my research work involves efforts to improve cryogenic instrumentation.

An introduction to semiconductor bolometer modelling - a short document on modelling cryogenic semiconductor bolometers, with the emphasis on how simple it actually is

The LTUK web site; information about cryogenics, particularly in the UK.

Adam Woodcraft
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